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Digital Signage

Did you know…
●    Four out of five product brands experienced significant increases of up to 33 percent in additional sales through the use of DOOH media
●    Increase in awareness and recall rates of up to 14 percent (unprompted) and 31 percent (prompted)
●    Roughly three quarters of those surveyed (74 percent) noticed the monitors at the POS
●    Display screen advertising and infotainment while shopping were well received by 62 percent of consumers
●    81% of retail shoppers are interested in seeing sales specials, product information, and special events.

At Life Media, Inc. we are determined to increase the sales of our clients by captivating audiences with compelling
and entertaining advertising on our Digital BoomBoards®. We feel our Digital BoomBoards® implement targeted Digital Signage Life Media Inc
advertising in the most cost effective means available today.

In each of our prominent locations, our Digital BoomBoards® run continuous animated advertisements
on Samsung and NEC 32 – 46 LCD screens, influencing shoppers as they make their final buying decision.

Life Media handles virtually every aspect for our clients from coordinating screen installation to creating and managing ad content.

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