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Restaurant Mobile App - Life Media Inc


Benefits again in having this mobile app for your company would be the following:

Customers having access to your…



INFO – what your company is about

SOCIAL MEDIA- access twitter and face book

EVENT CALENDAR – to publish bands, specials for gopher games or big deals that are coming to your establishment

CALL A CAB FEATURE – call a cab from your establishment if they get to intoxicated. Shows that you are looking out for your customers!

PUSH NOTIFICATION! – send them a message that comes right on their phone immediately. They don’t have to look in their email, they don’t have to pull up the internet…it pops right on the front page of their phone. So they have to see it.

EMAIL AND CALL FEATURE – get a hold of your establishment immediately or at a moments notice.

REAL TIME CHANGES – if something changes, all of your customers would have the changes IMMEDIATELY! You don’t have to do anything it would already be on their phone.

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