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“I love it!”

Jim, Andover, MN

“I have customers comment on it all the time, saying how neat it is. At first when I saw other items like the weather on the screens I wasn’t sure, but it seems that offering a few other things that people enjoy is really beneficial and more of a service to the customers. The definition of the equipment is well worth it, the impression is so neat looking. It is a good quality service; everything from content to resolution is excellent. We’ve even noticed more hits on our website from our store’s ad.”

Bill Fillmore, Richfield Liquor, Richfield, MN

“It makes the store look more professional and more customer friendly. I really think that it brings a wonderful look to the store. It’s a nice addition to make one store stand out above another store. I definitely catch people watching it.”

Bob, Plymouth MN

“A lot of people have noticed it, a lot comment positively about it”

Jeff, St Louis Park, MN

“It’s fantastic! I have noticed an increase in sales on some of the products advertised. A lot of people ask about the screens and stop and watch them for a few minutes.”

Bob, Minneapolis, MN

“Since Life Media installed its’ Digital BoomBoard we have seen customers look at it and have heard positive comments about it. We are very pleased to announce that we have seen an increase in sales and we believe it is because of the Digital BoomBoard. Our New Castle sales are up 33%+ since it has been running their ad. Great Job Life Media! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.”

Mike Taaffe, Pixie Liquors

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